The Best Bridal Accessories for Every Hairstyle

So, you’ve curated your dream wedding on Pinterest, selected your dress and had it fitted, and finally know how you’ll be wearing your hair.  You’re finally ready to accessorize! But if you’re not sure which type of bridal accessories will best complement your chosen ‘do, take heart – you are not alone!

As a bridal accessories designer, the most common question I encounter with my clients during our consultation is, “Which bridal accessory would look best with my hairstyle?” In the following blog post, I’ll be sharing my best advice for pairing the pieces I create with a variety of hairstyles, from low and loose to closely coiffed.

Wedding Hairstyle #1: The Low, Loose Updo

Bridal accessories guide: Low loose bridal updo with rose gold crystal hair vine

Best brdial accessories for every wedding hairstyle, by J'Adorn Designs

If you’re dreaming of soft curls swept back just-so with a few loose pieces framing your face, a strategically placed bridal comb or pin may be the perfect accent piece for you!

A freeform branch-style pin like the rose gold vine pictured above will mimic the organic feel of your loose updo for a more natural or bohemian style. Or, if you’d like to add a bit of structure to the look, you might opt for a tighter comb like the Amina from our collection.  A pair of drop earrings in the size of your choice (large for a statement or smaller to keep it simple) and a matching bracelet will complete your look!


Wedding Hairstyle #2: Short and Sweet

Best brdial accessories for every wedding hairstyle, by J'Adorn Designs

If you rock a short hairstyle, you might feel limited in your options for bridal hairstyles. But just because braids and buns are off the table doesn’t mean you have only one look to choose from!

An off-center birdcage veil is a personal favorite for close crops because it brings an unexpected vintage element to a very modern look. Another stunning option is to forego the hair accessory in favor of a dress with a bolder neckline, such as the beaded gown from Hitched Salon pictured above. Drop earrings of your choice will complete the look and you can even add a pair of second-piercing earrings to coordinate! Top it off with a bracelet and you’re ready for portraits.

Added bonus: You’ll never have to worry about your hair falling out of place while you dance the night away! 


Wedding Hairstyle #3: Half Up, Half Down

Best brdial accessories for every wedding hairstyle, by J'Adorn Designs

A popular style among boho brides, the half-up/half-down style offers a combination of the breezy, natural look achieved by wearing your hair down with a bit of structure that makes the perfect anchor for your favorite hair accessory.

Brides who choose this particular style will find that it’s easy to pull off a statement-sized hair piece. With this in mind, the accessory you choose should bring the “wow factor” – the crowning element of your ensemble. If you’re going for the boho look, a branch-style piece like our Lucille crystal comb works perfectly, along with a pair of matching druzy earrings to complete the nature-inspired design.


Wedding Hairstyle #4: The Formal Updo with a Veil

Best brdial accessories for every wedding hairstyle, by J'Adorn Designs

Perhaps you’re a more traditional bride who just can’t stop thinking about the fancy updo and long veil you dreamed of as a child. In this case, an extra accessory for your hair may be a bit overwhelming, if not just heavy to wear.

(Tip: You can always wear the veil for your ceremony and switch over to a comb or fascinator for the reception!) 

If your veil is the show-stopper accessory in your wedding ensemble, you’ll want your other accessories to complement it without overpowering. I love the way J’Adorn bride Olivia (pictured above) rounded out her look with a classic double-stranded pearl bracelet and a pair of small, sparkling drop earrings with a halo to match her engagement ring. It’s just the right amount of glamour!

Best brdial accessories for every wedding hairstyle, by J'Adorn Designs

Whatever look you ultimately choose, the most important factor to consider is what makes you feel the most beautiful and at ease in your own skin.  Your wedding day is a celebration of the love you’ve built with someone who knows and adores you. So, rather than trying to fit the particular “look” of a bride you want to emulate, think about what will best highlight who you already are inside.

My best advice when all is said and done is to remember that the most beautiful part of your wedding is the love you share with your spouse-to-be and the journey you’re embarking on together. Everything else just helps it sparkle. 

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