Sexy Jewelry for Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Shoot Sneak Peek

We’re only allowed to share a few images from this styled shoot right now, but they’re so smokin’ that we just couldn’t keep a lid on them!

Styled boudoir photography with natural hair African American woman wearing handcrafted aquamarine earrings and sparkly bridal bracelet by J'Adorn Designs fine art jewelry

From classic style to boho and edgy looks, this shoot has something to inspire everyone.

Styled boudoir photo featuring Asian woman in leopard and black lingerie with handcrafted crystal spike necklace by J'Adorn Designs fine art jewelry

We can’t wait to get the green light and show you MORE boudoir, but for now, we’re obsessing over this sneak peek and the way our jewelry adds a touch of sparkle without overpowering the “barely-there” looks.

Above, you’ll find our Crystal Spike & Pearl Necklace in Rose Gold.  We love the warm tones in this piece.  It just seems to glow, doesn’t it?

Styled boudoir photo featuring dark haired caucasian model with white lingerie and white druzy earrings made by J'Adorn Designs

A boudoir shoot is designed to celebrate a woman’s beauty and sensuality.  When you’ve got the right photographer, they can be fun, empowering and FULL of self-love.  We love that our jewelry becomes a delicate compliment to the look, while still letting the woman’s beauty take center stage.  Have YOU ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot?

Our White Druzy Earrings are featured in the subtly steamy shot above.  

Styled boudoir photography with natural hair African American woman wearing handcrafted aquamarine earrings and sparkly bridal bracelet by J'Adorn Designs fine art jewelry

We promise to share the rest of the photos as soon as we can, but for now we’ll leave you with this last shot.  And hopefully with some inspiration to start dreaming up your own boudoir shoot!  It could be a fun break from the traditional bachelorette party scene.  Or, a special girls’ night with your besties!

The model above is wearing our Sparkling Sea Aquamarine Branch Earrings and our Love Is Golden Bracelet.

Collaborating Vendors and Artisans:


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Senior Portraits Style Ideas

Seniors: Are you ready for your close up?

Let us help you get camera-ready for your senior portraits with our easy breezy style tips.  We’ve teamed up with a photographer friend and compiled some simple ideas to help you feel confident, polished and most importantly, like your best-self!

Graduation gift ideas, jewelry for the graduate, tassel earrings by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry

Our smartest photographer friends say that their clients always ask: What should I wear for my senior portraits?

Well, we’ve got you covered!  We’ve teamed up with fellow TT Catonsville member Maria Ortiz Photography to give you a crash course in Senior Portraits 101.

Sharpen your pencils and grab your notebooks, seniors, style class is now in session!

Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography

STYLE TIP 1: Statement Jewelry

  • Of course, we think tassel jewelry adds just the right amount of double meaning for a graduate, but it really is a great way to work some statement jewelry into your look.
  • Pick tassels that work well with your complexion or eyes: Warm colors like those in our Tiered Tassel Earrings in Red Neutrals complement brown eyes and warm complexion.
  • Add a hat if you’re comfortable (or bring one along to try out for a couple of shots)

Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography

senior portrait black druzy earring photo jadorn designs custom jewelry

STYLE TIP 2: Sparkly Earrings for Close Up Headshots

  • We love our Druzy Jewelry pieces because they catch the light so well and really “show up” on camera.
  • We’ve got them in *almost* as many shades as our tassels… and, with options available for silver, yellow gold or rose gold metal elements, you really can create the perfect look!
  • For fair skin, we love the way our Black Druzy Earrings pop in a headshot.

Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography

Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography

STYLE TIP 3: Add pieces that showcase your personality, talents, and hobbies

  • Here we’ve featured pointe shoes and posing in ballet positions (+jewelry to match)
  • Let your creativity flow by creating your very own custom Tassel Earrings at our Tassel Barask us how
  • PRO TIP BONUS: schedule your senior photo shoots back-to-back with your bestie and capture some candid moments together!

Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography

So, there you have it!  Three easy to accomplish tips to get you started as you plan.  But really, the most important thing is to feel confident and have fun.  Whatever you choose to wear, be sure it feels like YOU… just a little elevated (as Tan from Queer Eye would say).

And, here’s a secret bonus shot for those of you who read through to the end: A sneak peek at our White Druzy and Rose Quartz Drop Earrings from our brand new collection that’s dropping SO SOON!

*Love them?  Need them?  Be among the FIRST to shop them here!*Senior portraits styling ideas, jewelry and accessories to wear for senior portrait photography by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and Maria Ortiz Photography


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New Year, New Pantone, New Possibilities

Here at J’Adorn Designs, one of our favorite New Year traditions is the announcement of the Pantone Color Of The Year.

The new year is a time to embrace certain rituals and traditions of looking back and looking forward.  Last week, we reminisced about our favorite editorial collaborations of 2018.  But this week is about anticipating all that is to come in 2019!

2018 was royally vibrant with Ultra Violet.  But this year, we are so excited about LIVING CORAL!

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”

Pantone 2019 Living Coral

The warm, playful beachy vibes in Living Coral are GIVING US LIFE.  And we are so ready to fast forward to summer.  Or, at least to hop on a plane and jet set to the Caribbean!

However, it’s the meaning behind the color that really has us dreaming about all the potential 2019 holds.

Pantone 2019 Living Coral

This year, Pantone is seeking to capture the real-life warmth of human connection and intimacy with their 2019 choice.  Here’s what they have to say about Living Coral:

“In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.”


pantone living coral beachy vibes collage

Ummm… did they just say: PLAYFUL EXPRESSION?!

Pantone, we must be vibing on the same frequency because Playful Expression is our middle name!  Well, at least  it’s the middle name we’d give ourselves.  Especially when we’re talking TASSELS and GEMSTONES.

And, “enabling connection and intimacy” is basically our mission statement with every special piece we make here at J’Adorn Designs!

Pantone coral style ideas, Living coral tassel earrings, 2019 color of the year, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Living Coral feels like a day on the beach with your besties.  Fruity drinks, straw hats, oversized sunnies, loose braids and vibrant tassel earrings.

jadorn designs custom jewelry blue hue tassel flat lay collage

We love the way aquas, blues and greens compliment Living Coral and help it pop.  So, if you’re wearing a coral swimsuit or sundress, pair it with our blue-hue tassels for a playful expression of your own!

But, if you’re wanting a Living Coral look that’s a bit more refined, we say:


Living Coral and Gold grid jadorn designs custom jewelry gold necklaces
Image 2 // Image 3

Rose Gold has been in the spotlight for a few years now, and we’re certainly not ready to see her go.  However, yellow gold is the perfect warm metallic to compliment Pantone’s 2019 choice.

And if yellow gold is what you want, yellow gold is what we’ve got!

And lots of it, too.  Beyond our Gold Leaves and Pearl Necklace and our Pink Crystal Spike Necklace we’ve got warm golds in just about any way you’d want to wear them.

Raw crystal hair comb, handcrafted jewelry by Maryland jewelry artisan J'Adorn Designs featured at Baltimore Museum of Art

In addition to Living Coral, we are forecasting the 2019 trend of HAIR ADORNMENTS!  Not just for bridal wear, we are seeing an increased demand for beautiful hairpins and combs to be worn day-to-day.

(And especially you babes with the mermaid hair!  Twist up all those stunning colors and add some sparkle.)

So, fill your wardrobe with Living Coral and then swing by the Jewelry Shop and stock up on all the warm golds and playful tassels your little heart can handle.  We’ll just be here, in a coral daze, waiting for beach weather!

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Winter Tassel Wonderland

Dashing through the snow, with a tassel on each ear!

We didn’t think it was fair to let summer have all the tassel fun, so we combined all the best, most refined, fall and winter hues with the playfulness and bouncy joy of tassels.

Move over, Jingle Bells, there’s a new cheerful accessory this season!

flat lay winter tassel earrings custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, maryland jewelry artisan

We launched our first tassel collection this past spring (which has now been restocked in our shop and ready for any of your warm weather vacations).  Immediately, we knew we needed to follow it up with a Winter Tassel Collection full of chic and sophisticated hues.

And, at only $45 per pair, they are going to be everyone’s favorite holiday gift to give and receive!

black and white ombre neutral tassel earring flat lay custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, maryland jewelry artisan

We debuted this collection at our Holiday Trunk Show and Shop Small Weekend celebration.
These Black and White Tiered Tassel Earrings are, so far, the clear customer favorite.

It’s easy to fall for ombre.  As a neutral, they will pair well with just about every outfit.  We can’t wait to wear them to all our holiday soirees!

blush and gemstone tassel earring, millennial pink jewelry, custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, maryland custom jeweler

If color is more your thing, we’ve got you covered!

These Blush Tassel Earrings feature two semiprecious gemstones in maroon and grey jasper.  And like all the earrings in this collection, they are hung on gold plated earwires.  So, no sensitivity issues here! 

This Millennial favorite is the perfect “wear all year” color.  They’ll be a great transition piece come springtime.

red and brown autumn tiered tassel earrings custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, baltimore maryland jewelry designer

One of our favorite features of the Tassel Jewelry is the big impact it makes without the big pull on your ears.  The cotton is so lightweight. You’ll totally forget you’re wearing them at all.

(Except that, really, you won’t because everyone will be complimenting you on them all day long!)

All the color, all the fun, all the “pop” without any of the sore, itchy end-of-day ears.  They might just be the holy grail of earrings!

mustard yellow tassel and gemstone earrings, jewelry holiday gift ideas, custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, artisan jewelry made in maryland

First of all, whoever said yellow is (only) a summer color is WRONG.
Our Mustard Yellow and Grey Tassel Earrings were another fan-favorite over their debut weekend.  And we think they look especially lovely on our brunette babes.  

The rich yellow cotton brings the fun, while the black and grey semiprecious labradorite stones keep them polished.

Black tiered tassel earrings, chic holiday party jewelry, custom jewelry by j'adorn designs, maryland jewelry artisan

J’Adorn Designer Ali has been wearing these chic Solid Black Tiered Tassel Earrings for several weeks as she was creating the collection. They are a stunning and sophisticated dress-up / dress-down piece that get all the compliments.

So in review, our Tassel Earrings feature:
  • Lightweight Cotton for comfortable all-day wear
  • Gold Plated Earwires for even the most sensitive ears
  • Semiprecious Gemstones on the non-tiered tassels
  • ALL THE COLORS! Seriously, it’s like a rainbow in the shop!
  • $45 Price Tag so that you can gift one to yourself, too

winter tassel earrings collection, custom jewelry made in baltimore marlyand usa by j'adorn designs

Whatever your color preference, we’ve got a tassel for you.  We’ve only given you a glimpse of the color options here on the blog and can’t wait to see which tassel (or, tassels) you’ll fall for!

Grab your gift list, check it twice and shimmy on over to the shop.  Load up your cart (read: sleigh) with this year’s happiest, most fun gift!

Happy Tassels For All, And For All, A Good Buy!

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Sweater Friendly Earrings Perfect for Winter

Don’t let a snagged pair of earrings drag down your holiday spirit!

Use this list of sweater friendly earrings to guide your holiday outfit plans.


1. Champagne & Gold Druzy Earrings

This time of year calls for extra sparkles and festive jewels.

Our crystal-covered druzy earrings have both! And in this elegant neutral shade of gold, these earrings will go the distance to match all of your holiday party outfits.

Sweater friendly earrings, snag free jewelry, gold druzy earrings, handcrafted jewelry by Maryland jewelry artisan J'Adorn Designs by Alison Jefferies

2. Deco Rose Gold Earrings

If you’ve got a flair for vintage, we recommend these long drop earrings with art deco inspired styling. The rough crystal drops are reminiscent of icicles and we love the sparkly flush set crystals in rose gold. They’re totally sweater friendly and neutral colored for versatile styling!

Stylish holiday earrings, sweater friendly earrings, snag free jewelry, Custom jewelry and bridal accessories by J'Adorn Designs Baltimore jeweler

3. Lemon & Peach Rose Gold Tassel Earrings 

Nothing says “party” to us more than a tassel (except maybe champagne)! We love this elevated version of summer’s favorite tassel earrings.

With freshwater pearls, lemon quartz gems, and delicate rose gold filled details, these sweater friendly earrings are luxurious enough to go with your finest cocktail attire.

Stylish holiday earrings, sweater friendly earrings, snag free jewelry, rose gold tassel earrings with freshwater pearls and lemon quartz by J'Adorn Designs, Baltimore custom jeweler

4. Crystal Flower Stud Earrings

Sometimes the best solution to your earrings snagging on knits is to eliminate the dangle. These sparkling stud earrings are a great option if you want to keep it simple without compromising on sparkle.
Sparkly stud earrings, sweater friendly earrings that won't snag, holiday party jewelry ideas, by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler in Baltimore Maryland

5. Tiered Tassel Earrings in Grey

Last but certainly not least in our roundup of sweater friendly earrings, we have our fan favorite neutral tassel earrings!
These lightweight statement earrings have been coveted by J’Adorn insiders since their launch in the summer. In fact, they were so popular that we recently brought them back from retirement!
Sweater and scarf friendly earrings, lightweight statement earrings for holiday parties, Neutral grey tassel earrings by J'Adorn Designs designer jewelry
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