Up Close: Tiny Pearl & Crystal Stud Earrings

A closer look at the inspiration behind the smallest new pair of stud earrings in my shop!

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

If this pair of earrings looks familiar, you may remember it from the custom bridal jewelry set I made for J’Adorn bride Jill!

The first time I made this pair of stud earrings it was part of a custom bridal jewelry set.  My client Jill wanted a pair of small coordinated studs to wear in her second ear piercing on her wedding day. She asked for something simple to complement her customized Laurel Earrings in Gold and Blush without overpowering the whole look.

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

They were the perfect piece for Jill!

I thought that their simple design would make them a super versatile accessory to wear in almost any context.  I also remembered that multiple clients have requested more stud earring options.  So, it made perfect sense to recreate this pair of crystal and pearl stud earrings for my  new collection!

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

These stud earrings are one of my favorite pairs to wear personally. Their simple design makes them a lovely and comfortable pair of earrings to wear with my everyday wardrobe. I also love to wear them in my second ear piercing to complement my favorite drop earrings on a date night or special occasion.

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J’Adorn Designs Is Now a Wedding Chicks Preferred Vendor!

I’m pleased to share that J’Adorn Designs is a new member of the Wedding Chicks preferred vendors’ network!

Wedding jewelry style inspiration by J'Adorn Designs featured by Wedding Chicks

Check out the J’Adorn Designs portfolio on the Wedding Chicks site. And if you’re planning a wedding, be sure to follow along with their Inspiration page! I’ll be contributing content regularly along with other members of their elite network of wedding vendors!


J'Adorn Designs: Featured Bridal Jewelry Vendor on Wedding Chicks Vendor List
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Up Close: The Bridal Choker Vine Necklace

A closer look at the inspiration behind the trendy bridal necklaceGold bridal choker vine necklace with pearls and crystals, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry and modern bridal accessories

One of my favorite pieces in the new collection I created for 2017 is the limited edition Bridal Choker Vine Necklace.

This necklace is as delicate and lovely as its wirework is intricate. Here’s a closer look at my inspiration as a designer as I made this handcrafted piece for my new collection of jewelry and modern bridal accessories!

Bridal Choker Vine Necklace, Wedding Choker, Couture bridal fashion by J'Adorn Designs
One of the biggest jewelry trends this year has been the return of the choker.

Because I draw inspiration as a designer from the fashion world, I knew that I had to make a “nod” to the trendy choker necklace when I designed my new collection. However, I also knew that the plastic “tattoo chokers” of my middle school years just wouldn’t fit for J’Adorn Designs as an upscale jewelry brand. (Or, frankly, in the wardrobe of most women over 25!)

Gold bridal choker vine necklace with pearls and crystals, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry and modern bridal accessories

Handcrafted wire vines have long been a staple element in my bridal accessory designs, so it came naturally to extend that signature style to my first choker necklace.

I made the Bridal Choker Vine Necklace with the same golden wire as the vine-style hairpieces from my collection. I used freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals to adorn the branches of the choker. Then, I finished the piece with a delicate gold filled chain that clasps in the back. It’s a dramatic, stunning piece of wedding jewelry that would make the perfect focal piece for a fashion-forward bridal ensemble!

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How to Wear a Bridal Hair Vine

Silver Hair Vine, Handcrafted bridal hairpiece, something blue wedding accessories by J'Adorn Designs

Have you seen my new collection of handcrafted jewelry and modern bridal accessories? Today’s blog post focuses on one of the new additions to the hair accessories category in my shop, the Silver and Blue Crystal Bridal Hair Vine! You might remember this headpiece from my previous blog post about the winter wedding editorial from earlier this year.

Blue bridal hairpiece, crystal hair vine, silver bridal headpiece by J'Adorn Designs bridal accessories

This bridal hair vine is one of the most versatile pieces in my new collection because it can be placed anywhere in your wedding hairstyle. With its flexible wire and combs on either end, the possibilities for this wedding hair accessory are nearly endless!

How to wear a bridal hair vine, silver crystal bridal vine by J'Adorn Designs modern bridal accessories

Here are a few ideas to help inspire your wedding hairstyle using a bridal hair vine:
  • Across the back of your updo like the model in the picture
  • Across the front of your forehead for a more bohemian bridal hairstyle
  • As a traditional headband
  • Ask your hairstylist to weave the bridal headpiece through a braided bridal updo
How to wear a hair vine in your bridal updo, hair accessories by J'Adorn Designs
Are you planning to wear a hair wine in your wedding hairstyle?
How do you plan to style it?
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