Custom Necklace in Rose Gold & Black

How I created a custom necklace to reflect the personal brand of C&V’s Illiah Manger


C&V is the name of Illiah’s brand design business.

If you followed along with the J’Adorn Designs rebrand last fall, you may recognize her name. Illiah is the mastermind who translated my vision & values into the public face of J’Adorn. You may also recognize her from my Instagram Stories, where I often share pictures from our co-working dates!


The official colors of Illiah’s brand are white, black, and copper/rose gold.

So when we began designing her custom brand necklace, I knew that these colors had to be at the forefront. 
  • I chose rose gold as the fine metal base for Illiah’s custom necklace. In addition to matching her brand’s colors, solid rose gold is both durable and lustrous.
    • Fun fact: rose gold actually has stronger properties than yellow or white gold from the copper that’s added to give it that pink hue!
  • For the engraving on the nameplate of the necklace, I used the exact font and layout of C&V’s logo and filled it in with black for extra contrast.
  • Lastly, I added a tiny black spinel gem at the bottom right corner as a sparkling accent! (I like to think it represents the strength and shining depths that I see in C&V and in Illiah herself.)


C&V are also the initials of Illiah’s two daughters, whom she lovingly calls “the muses.” 

Illiah is one of those amazing women who simultaneously runs a powerhouse business while raising her children. Even more impressively, she’s continued to do so during a transition to single parenthood.

Illiah’s transition to single parenthood was the catalyst for my creating her custom necklace.

It will eventually grow into a three-layered masterpiece, which I’m making one layer at a time. I can’t wait to make the next two layers!


Making this custom necklace for Illiah opened my eyes to a part of my craft that I’d never recognized before.

I learned that jewelry can honor life’s important moments, even when they don’t start as celebrations.

The end of Illiah’s marriage was anything but positive, but it marked a turning point for her. And from that nexus, she’s grown into a more confident and determined woman, both in business and in parenthood.

Illiah’s custom necklace is a talisman representing that turning point and all the growth that is yet to come.


All photos by Elisenda Llinares Photography

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