What’s New in our New Jewelry Collection?

New elements, techniques and materials are blooming in our new collection.

Ali is evolving as a designer.   Behind the scenes (or, in little sneak peeks in our InstaStories) you may have noticed that she spends a lot of time investing in learning new jewelry-making skills and mastering new jewelers’ tools.

Here at J’Adorn, we’re excited to grow our brand with higher quality materials and new techniques in how we make the jewelry you love to wear.

Watermelon tourmaline and rose quartz branch earrings in rose gold, handcrafted jewelry with precious gems by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler

We’re giving you a first look at some of our newest pieces (and some of the ones we are most proud of) here in this post.

Here are the elevated elements you can be looking for in the New Bloom Collection:
  • Aquamarine
  • Watermelon tourmaline
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Fluorite
  • Gold-filled, rose gold-filled, and sterling silver are now standard
  • (Our branch earrings used to be gold plated brass, but now we’re elevating the design with better materials so they’ll last longer and wear more comfortably!)

Handcrafted aquamarine and pearl branch earrings, lightweight gold statement earrings made by J'Adorn Designs

In addition to working with finer materials, we are expanding some of our signature elements.  First up: DRUZIES!

For all the babes who love to rock our Druzy Gemstone jewelry, say hello to WHITE DRUZIES.  They are the perfect cooler-colored counterpart to our best selling champagne druzies!  And, we think they look stunning on just about every skin tone.

Here, we’re featuring our White Druzy & Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

white druzy and rose quartz drop earrings jadorn designs custom jewelry

We’re also expanding our much-loved “vine” wire wrapping style in this collection.  Whenever we pop-up at artisan shows and maker’s markets, our wire wrapped pieces are SUCH conversation starters… and many of them leave our table and head off to their forever homes.

Blossoming in this collection, you’ll find:
  • Coral branch earrings
  • Watermelon tourmaline & rose quartz vine earrings
  • Aquamarine branch necklace and matching earrings
  • Rough tourmaline branch earrings

Rough blue and green tourmaline gemstone earrings in gold branch wire wrapped style, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Handcrafted aquamarine and pearl branch necklace, lightweight gold statement pendant necklace made by J'Adorn Designs

Life is better in COLOR, don’t you think?

We’re bringing you a RAINBOW of gemstones in this collection.  We just cannot get enough of these colorful stunners.  Add little pops of color to your wardrobe and get ready to hear ALL THE COMPLIMENTS!

Rainbow tourmaline gemstone collar necklace, delicate gold necklace with rough cut tourmaline gemstones in ombre rainbow pattern, made by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry

Colorful purple hair comb with amethyst gemstones and Swarovski crystals in blue and silver, bridal vines comb by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry and bridal accessories

If you’ve been following the J’Adorn brand for any length of time, you probably know how we feel about hair adornments. (OBSESSED!)

And, as much as we love them in neutrals, we are absolutely ga-ga for them IN COLOR!

Ali started designing hair combs and pins for brides, but when they were included on our table at shows and markets, ladies of all ages (and hair types & lengths) fawned over them.  And so often at those events, non-brides took them home.

So… we’re giving the people what they want!  And what they want is FULL COLOR HAIR COMBS!

Delicate gold gemstone and freshwater pearl bracelet, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Delicate gold link and swarovski crystal bracelet in slate blue, teal, grey, and gold, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

If all that color still isn’t enough…

our best-selling delicate link bracelets come in new colors too!

*We’re especially crushing on our bracelet inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral*

Delicate gold link and swarovski crystal bracelet in living coral, peach, and gold, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Finally, to finish out this collection we’ve added a few alternative bridal accessories with a bit of an edge.  Historically, we’ve always leaned in to more of a delicate and botanical vibe for our bridal pieces.  But all brides are NOT the same and we want to have a little something for the bride who wants to embrace a bit of a rough, natural side.

  • textured freshwater pearls (pictured below)
  • crystal quartz spikes (like in the hair comb and the bracelet below)
  • rough gemstones (like the white druzy & rose quartz earrings)

Alternative bridal bracelet with rough crystal spike and delicate gold chain, handcrafted bridal jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Alternative bridal comb with crystal spikes and tiny crystals in silver, edge rough crystal comb by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry

Alternative bridal earrings with blush cushion cut stone and blistered freshwater pearl drop in silver, handcrafted jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

We’ve worked so hard, and poured so much heart into this new collection.  We’d LOVE to hear your feedback, because ultimately, it’s all for YOU.

Let us know which pieces you’re crushing on either here in the blog comments or on our social channels.  We can’t wait to hear what you love most… or want to see more of!



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Introducing J’Adorn Gives

I’m officially naming a facet of J’Adorn that has been a priority from the beginning.Modern jeweler J'Adorn Designs, Maryland custom jewelry

Meet J’Adorn Gives – an initiative straight from my heart!

When I founded J’Adorn Designs to sell my handcrafted jewelry back in 2012, I knew that I’d have to reinvest every penny I made back into the business to keep growing. But I also knew that I wanted my company to be a force for good in the world.

I wanted to make philanthropy part of my business model as soon as it was financially feasible. 

J'Adorn Gives: creative philanthropy at a Maryland custom jeweler, J'Adorn Designs

I had my first chance to give back through J’Adorn Designs in 2014. 

My hair stylist invited me to donate jewelry to her salon’s annual fundraiser for suicide awareness and prevention. This was especially close to my heart, as I had recently lost a childhood friend to suicide. So, I knew I needed to jump at this chance to make a difference.

Art Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention, Maryland jeweler gives to suicide prevention benefit

I made this custom jewelry set especially for the fundraiser. Then I designed the display and brought it to the salon for the silent auction.

It made me so happy to finally be able to give with J’Adorn Designs! 

J'Adorn Gives: How one Baltimore custom jeweler gives back through creative philanthropy

Since that first silent auction, J’Adorn Designs has donated jewelry or gift certificates to lots of other local, national, and international causes.

Some of the causes J’Adorn Designs has given to include:

Philanthropy has always been a foundational value of my custom jewelry business. J’Adorn Gives is simply naming this priority.

I hope you will join me in future endeavors to make the world a more beautiful place through J’Adorn Gives!

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Up Close: Tiny Pearl & Crystal Stud Earrings

A closer look at the inspiration behind the smallest new pair of stud earrings in my shop!

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

If this pair of earrings looks familiar, you may remember it from the custom bridal jewelry set I made for J’Adorn bride Jill!

The first time I made this pair of stud earrings it was part of a custom bridal jewelry set.  My client Jill wanted a pair of small coordinated studs to wear in her second ear piercing on her wedding day. She asked for something simple to complement her customized Laurel Earrings in Gold and Blush without overpowering the whole look.

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

They were the perfect piece for Jill!

I thought that their simple design would make them a super versatile accessory to wear in almost any context.  I also remembered that multiple clients have requested more stud earring options.  So, it made perfect sense to recreate this pair of crystal and pearl stud earrings for my  new collection!

Tiny crystal pearl earrings, small bridal stud earrings, custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

These stud earrings are one of my favorite pairs to wear personally. Their simple design makes them a lovely and comfortable pair of earrings to wear with my everyday wardrobe. I also love to wear them in my second ear piercing to complement my favorite drop earrings on a date night or special occasion.

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Up Close: The Bridal Choker Vine Necklace

A closer look at the inspiration behind the trendy bridal necklaceGold bridal choker vine necklace with pearls and crystals, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry and modern bridal accessories

One of my favorite pieces in the new collection I created for 2017 is the limited edition Bridal Choker Vine Necklace.

This necklace is as delicate and lovely as its wirework is intricate. Here’s a closer look at my inspiration as a designer as I made this handcrafted piece for my new collection of jewelry and modern bridal accessories!

Bridal Choker Vine Necklace, Wedding Choker, Couture bridal fashion by J'Adorn Designs
One of the biggest jewelry trends this year has been the return of the choker.

Because I draw inspiration as a designer from the fashion world, I knew that I had to make a “nod” to the trendy choker necklace when I designed my new collection. However, I also knew that the plastic “tattoo chokers” of my middle school years just wouldn’t fit for J’Adorn Designs as an upscale jewelry brand. (Or, frankly, in the wardrobe of most women over 25!)

Gold bridal choker vine necklace with pearls and crystals, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry and modern bridal accessories

Handcrafted wire vines have long been a staple element in my bridal accessory designs, so it came naturally to extend that signature style to my first choker necklace.

I made the Bridal Choker Vine Necklace with the same golden wire as the vine-style hairpieces from my collection. I used freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals to adorn the branches of the choker. Then, I finished the piece with a delicate gold filled chain that clasps in the back. It’s a dramatic, stunning piece of wedding jewelry that would make the perfect focal piece for a fashion-forward bridal ensemble!

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New Collection of Jewelry & Bridal Accessories Is Here!

Last week was a pretty big deal at the J’Adorn Designs studio!

I finally unveiled my new collection of jewelry and bridal accessories on Friday – which also happened to be my 30th birthday! I celebrated the big day by sending out a special gift to my email BFFs in the morning and throwing a virtual party on my Instagram page all day long. It was a great day of celebration that included three of my favorite things: cake, champagne, and beautiful jewelry! 

New collection launch, jewelry and bridal accessories by J'Adorn Designs

 In case you missed the announcement, here are some highlights of the new collection you’ll want to check out! 

2017 bridal accessory trends, new jewelry and wedding accessory collection by J'Adorn Designs

I’ll be sharing a bit about each piece from the new collection here on the blog in the coming weeks. Today I invite you to check out the full collection over in my online shop (and let me know if you have a favorite!)

Upscale Fashion Jewelry and Bridal Accessories by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler design studio

All photos by Madison Short 

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