New Jewelry Collection: Harmony

A Visual Symphony for Harmony

We are over-the-moon excited to introduce you to our NEW collection.  Harmony is here!  And we are ready to pull back the curtain and tell you a bit about our inspiration for this dynamic new collection.


Blue tourmaline drops necklace on a delicate gold chain by J'Adorn Designs for the Harmony Collection


Harmony refers to the contrast between competing elements like light & dark, rough & polished, colorful and neutral. You’ll see visual examples of harmony through qualities that may seem to be in conflict but become even more beautiful beside one another.

(in the photos that follow, look for elements of harmony in the details of the pieces)

Blue druzy jewelry set by J'Adorn Designs

So much love for Druzies

The people have spoken.  And the people want DRUZIES.  Lots of druzies!  In this collection, we are debuting Violet and Teal as our new druzy colors.  We like to give the people what they want!  We think you’re really going to love these bright new colors.  Shop them here.

The Baltimore Museum of Art was the first to specifically request a dark aqua color.  We sourced the perfect dark druzy for their exclusive collection earlier this year.  Well, we fell in love so hard that we just had to make that color available to everyone.

This rainbow of new druzy colors has been a big hit at the holiday shows we’ve debuted them in so far this year.  Side note: a perk of coming to our pop ups and shows is first looks at some of our newest pieces before they hit the online shop.

Harmony Collection: Jewelry by J'Adorn Designs. A selection of teal, green, and blue ocean colored gemstone jewelry that was handcrafted in Baltimore MD by jewelry artisan Alison Jefferies



Onward and Upward

New Bloom, the collection we launched this spring, was a landmark moment for us here at J’Adorn.  That collection debuted new jewelry making skills, metal working techniques and finer elements than we had ever used before.  Harmony is a continuation on that trend.

This White Druzy & Rose Quartz Necklace makes a complete set with the White Druzy & Rose Quartz Earrings from New Bloom.  This is great news for all you collectors.  Or, for those of you who love a the ease of a matching set.  It also pairs beautifully with the new gold version of our white druzy drop earrings.

Rose gold and pearl handcrafted jewelry set by J'Adorn Designs

Modern Twist on a Classic

Pearls.  We just don’t think they’ll ever go out of style.  However, the pearls featured here in our Harmony collection are not quite your grandma’s pearls.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with your grandma’s pearls! We love those, too!)

Freshwater Coin Pearls are a staple element in this collection.  Find them in earrings, pendant necklaces (available in silver, gold and rose gold) and clustered with gemstones.  We’re especially loving the coin pearl drops on our gold hoops.  Right on trend and ready to be dressed up or down.  

Black bridal accessories for alternative wedding, crystal spike hair accessories and necklace set by J'Adorn Designs artisan jewelry

Crystals from the Dark Side

We’re keeping some of our favorite J’Adorn trademarks like our stunning hair combs and pins, but we’ve gone to the dark side and, honestly, we don’t hate it.  These Black Crystal and Silver Combs and Pins are, like all our hairpieces, heirloom quality and made with gemstones and Swarovski elements.

We also have black crystals debuting in familiar (and best selling) styles.  Our Black Crystal Spike Necklace with Labradorite Accent is sure to be a new fan-favorite.

Aquamarine silver bracelet in vine shape, wire wrapped aquamarine bracelet by J'Adorn Designs jewelry artisan Alison Jefferies

Wrap Queen

Designer Ali is a wrap queen.  (and maybe, at late-night karaoke after a drink or two, a rap queen)  Over the past few years, J’Adorn has built quite the reputation for our delicate-yet-durable wire wrapped pieces.  They are striking, deceptively lightweight and artistic.  It’s like a wearable masterpiece.

 In our Harmony collection, we are continuing with the trend of finer, more precious gemstones.  Our new wrapped pieces feature emeralds and tourmalines (seen in our New Leaf Gemstone Branch Necklace), and aquamarines (seen in our Aquamarine Silver Vine Bracelet).  Emeralds are also center stage on our gold hoop earrings.

Emerald and gold jewelry set; Gold hoops with emeralds; gold vine pendant with emeralds and tourmalines; by J'Adorn Designs for Harmony Collection

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