Custom Wedding Jewelry: Jessica + Kristopher

I’m so excited to finally be sharing my recent wedding work here on the blog! Today the spotlight is on Jessica and Kristopher, who were married in November. (I did say it’s been a while, didn’t I?!)


When I met with Jessica over Skype to discuss the style she had in mind for her wedding, it quickly became clear that she had classic, elegant taste for her big day. I decided that creating multi-strand necklaces incorporating her color scheme and a matching bracelet for the bride would be the way to go. Let’s take a closer look:


Jessica told me that her bridesmaids would be in navy blue dresses with accents of ivory and dark grey. With this color palette in mind, I designed a necklace with three separate strands – ivory glass pearls, grey glass pearls, and navy blue glass beads – strung from a delicate silver plated chain.


I think the bold look of the necklaces was a perfect complement to the girls’ strapless neckline!


For Jessica’s matching bracelet, I incorporated these same elements to make a statement piece mimicking the layered look of the necklaces without overpowering the bridal gown and hairpiece. I think we were able to find the perfect balance to complete her look!



One additional touch that Jessica requested was to make the necklace for her sister (who was also her matron of honor) extra special by adding a floral accent as an embellishment. I chose a gunmetal rose piece with inlaid rhinestones to give her sister’s piece that extra wow factor.


I loved the idea of giving her sister something special to make her stand out in her place of honor among the bridesmaids. Here’s a closer look at the final piece:


My favorite part of this piece is how the different tones of metals and greys complement one another. Ordinarily mixing metals is risky business, but the darker hue of the grey glass pearls acts as the perfect transition point between the shiny lighter silver of the chain and the darker tone of the gunmetal embellishment.


Many (belated) congratulations to Jessica and Kristopher! Thank you for letting me contribute to your special day!

Xo, Ali

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