Custom Sapphire Earrings in a Modern Setting

Simple Sapphire Studs

Sometimes, when less is more the stones steal the show!  Today, we’re showing off a pair of custom sapphire earrings.  The ultra-modern setting may look like a bit of a divergence from our normal delicately botanical style, but we’ve kept all our best design sensibilities in tact!

A Corona-Creation

This stunning pair of sparklers was dreamed, designed and created all in the midst of the coronavirus.  They were designed by Ali in her home studio during the shutdown part of this pandemic.  And, they were created in the J’Adorn studio in Catonsville, MD, right after it became safe for Ali to move back in and begin working on-site again.

All the Pretty Details

These sapphire studs, wrapped in 14K white gold, are more than meets the eye.  The larger, royal blue stones are lab grown sapphires.  The smaller, light blue stones are Montana sapphires.  The best thing about that?  Both lab grown and US-mined gemstones are ethically sourced!

*Lab grown & American mined stones are both much more ethical sources than stones mined overseas without the same oversight.  We’re committed to sourcing responsibly whenever we can!*

The Story Behind the Studs

This particular pair of stunning studs was custom designed for a client whose favorite stone is SAPPHIRE.   They hold a special place in her heart.  Her engagement ring is a sapphire, too!

She has always wanted a pair a sapphire studs.  However, she hadn’t considered doing a double stone setting until Designer Ali suggested it!  She especially loved the idea of the ombre effect between the two shades of blue.  And honestly, we’re so happy she trusted us with this design.  We love them.

When she received her earrings, she told us: “They’re the perfect earrings I never knew I always wanted!”

What Would You Design?

Have you been dreaming of a special jewelry piece?  Do you have a favorite stone and want something but you’re not sure what?  At J’Adorn Designs, those are often our favorite projects to work on.  Contact us to have a piece designed just for you!

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