Modern Bridal Jewelry Featured by Brides Magazine

My modern bridal jewelry was recently spotted over on the Brides Magazine Instagram page!

I was thrilled to see Brides share two photos from a recent collaboration I did with The Garter Girl, featuring the loveliest bridal style inspiration with a focus on the details. Scroll on to see the “Blushing Bride” and “Something Blue” styles we curated with a group of the best talents in luxury bridal fashion!

Luxury-Pink-Gold-Blush-Wedding-Style-Inspiration-J'Adorn-Designs-Garter-Girl-Marigold-GreyPhoto by Red October Photography

The first look Brides picked was a gorgeous assortment of blush and gold wedding details.  Jamie from Marigold & Grey was our expert stylist for the day while Anna of Red October Photography captured each beautiful collection. I love the way Jamie paired my Laurel Earrings with those sparkly Louboutins and a feminine pink and gold satin garter from The Garter Girl!  A blush stationery suite from Ceci New York was the perfect finishing touch.

Gold-Blush-Laurel-Bridal-Earrings-Boho-Wedding-Jewelry-J'Adorn-DesignsAs seen in Brides on Instagram // Photo by Nichole Meredith

Something-Blue-Classic-Wedding-Style-Inspiration-J'Adorn-Designs-Garter-Girl-Marigold-GreyPhoto by Red October Photography

The second look Brides chose is a modern take on the classic “Something Blue” motif.  The Classic Pearl Necklace from my collection was the perfect choice for this timeless look, paired with the more modern Elle Earrings which feature a cushion cut crystal and teardrop pearl.

The lace-trimmed handkerchief pairs perfectly with the sparkly garter from The Garter Girl. I could see it used as a keepsake for the groom or perhaps hidden inside the bride’s bouquet to catch any runaway tears!

cushion-cut-halo-teardrop-earrings-modern-bridal-accessories-classic-earrings-J'Adorn-DesignsAs seen in Brides on Instagram // Photo by Nichole Meredith seen in Brides on Instagram // Photo by Jenna Shriver // Styled by Marcie Lenick

Now that you’ve seen both the “Blushing Bride” and “Something Blue” collections, which one is your favorite? Do you have a glamorous modern style or one that’s a little more vintage-inspired? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Ways to Use Pantone Greenery in Your Wedding

PANTONE Color of the Year 2017 Greenery Wedding inspiration by J'Adorn Designs Custom Jewelry

I’m taking a little break from making custom jewelry and modern bridal accessories today to talk about wedding inspiration!  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I love to curate wedding ideas based on styles, themes, and color palettes.  Today I want to show you a few ideas for incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 – Greenery! It’s a medium green that evokes the color of leaves at the height of spring.

1. Invitations & Stationery

Trendy wedding inspiration with pantone greenery, stationery by Third Clover Paper, photo by Red October Photography, curated by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelryPhoto by Red October Photography

Because Pantone Greenery is a brightly saturated color, I recommend using it as an accent rather than focal color in your stationery to maintain an elegant look. I particularly love this invitation suite from Third Clover Paper, which features a green envelope with matching vintage stamps. It’s a gorgeous complement to the classic ivory and gold invitation & RSVP card.

2. Bridesmaids’ Attire

Pantone Greenery Bridesmaid Dress Wedding Inspiration by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelryPhoto by L. Hewitt Photography

Another great way to add some Pantone Greenery color to your wedding day is with your bridesmaids’ dresses. You can dress all of your attendants in the same shade for a bold on-trend look. Or, if you prefer a less uniform look you may consider adding accent hues like mint and sage to bring depth and variety.

3. Bouquets & Florals

Pantone Greenery Bouquet Wedding Inspiration by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelryPhoto by Emily Katharine Photography

Bringing a touch of Pantone Greenery to your wedding through actual greenery may seem like a no-brainer, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention florals! Even if you’re a fluffy white peony enthusiast, you can easily add some lemon leaves or baby hydrangea to the mix for a touch of extra greenery. Trailing vines on a cascading bouquet are another trendy look that you may want to consider!

4. Wedding Garter

Pantone Greenery Wedding Garter by the Garter Girl, custom jewelry and wedding inspiration by J'Adorn DesignsPhoto by The Garter Girl

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate Pantone Greenery, consider using it as an accent color in your wedding garter. It’ll be hidden under your dress for most of the day, but it’ll look great in those detail photos from your photographer. You can even customize your garter with a bit of lace from your mom’s wedding dress or another meaningful garment if you order it from The Garter Girl!

5. Groom’s Attire

Pantone Greenery Groomswear Wedding Inspiration by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelryPhoto by Phil Chester

A green tuxedo or men’s suit is a non-traditional look to be sure. That said, I absolutely adore the look of this green suit from Asos! I can picture the perfect boho-chic wedding styled around this piece. Maybe the bride would wear a greenery crown and an eyelet dress with long, loose waves inspired by 1970s fashion. What do you think?

6. Earrings & Jewelry

Modern pearl earrings in ivory and green with gold metals, modern and custom jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Adding Pantone Greenery to the design of your bridal accessories is another way to bring a bit of this trendy color to your wedding day. Whether you opt for a pair of pre-designed earrings like these ones from my shop or choose custom jewelry, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to wear your Pantone Greenery inspired accessories after your wedding day, too! Classic pearl earrings with modern styling pair perfectly with office attire and formal wear. They might just become your favorite piece of jewelry!

If you’re engaged and planning the color palette for your wedding, I want to hear what you think! Is Pantone Greenery on your radar or are you going for a different look? Would you try any of the examples from this post? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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3 Ideas for the Best V-Day Ever

Whether you’re snuggling up to a sweetheart, planning to celebrate with the gals, or want to give yourself a little love, I’ve got you covered with this guide.  Scroll on for 3 tips to have the best V-Day ever! 

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Lots of folks these days dismiss Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday designed to make single people feel bad about themselves. I won’t weigh in on that debate… However, I do think there are so many other relationships in our lives that deserve celebration! A holiday that honors love shouldn’t be limited to romance alone. With that in mind, I curated this list of outside-the-box ideas to have a great V-Day regardless of your relationship status.

View More: Show Some Love to Your Gal-entines

Even if you’re single, chances are you’ve got at least one girlfriend who always has your back. What better day to show her how much you appreciate her friendship than on the holiday of love?

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A few ideas to get your Galentine’s celebration started:

  • Surprise her with flowers. Order an arrangement of her favorite blooms to be delivered to her workplace, or meet her for happy hour with flowers in hand. Bonus points for a thoughtful gift, like the universally-loved rose gold + druzy pendant necklace that matches practically any outfit.
  • Plan an old school sleepover. Remember when you were young and would stay up late on a Friday night with your best girls, watching movies with your favorite junk food? Revive the beloved tradition with some grown-up adaptations. Maybe set up a champagne cocktail bar instead of sodas. Hire a mobile spa technician for pedicures & massages (no more DIY!) Spend the night in a swanky hotel together instead of sprawling out on couches. The sky’s the limit here!
  • Go out dancing. That salsa bar you’ve always wanted to try out isn’t quite as intimidating when you’re with your squad. Get dressed up, take a lesson, and dance the night away together.

View More: Make Your Mini’s Day

If there’s a young girl in your life, you can make V-Day just as special for her. With her parents’ permission, take your mini out for ice cream, invite her over for a girly movie night, or offer to host a makeover party for her and her friends. You’ll be a hero and she’ll always remember that V-Day is about more than romance.

A couple of gift ideas appropriate for a young girl are the Ivory Rosette Hairpins (pictured) from my collection and a coordinated Rosette Bracelet with custom sizing for a child-sized wrist.

Best V-Day Ever 3 tips for a non-romantic celebration, welcome gift by Marigold & Grey, curated by J'Adorn Designs, photo by Madison Short

3. Give Yourself a Break!

Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Maybe you just need a night off from your responsibilities? One of the best V-Day ideas I can think of is the gift of self care.

If you’re in a relationship, tell your S.O. ahead of time that you’d like a little “me time.” This will give him/her time to adjust expectations and maybe even get you an appropriate gift, like this custom gift box by Marigold & Grey.

If you have kids, this will likely take more coordination, but I’d encourage you to make it a priority anyway. We’re better equipped to love others when our own proverbial tank is full. And you deserve it!

If you’re flying solo, you’ve got carte blanche here. Set aside some time for a fulfilling activity and enjoy your evening. Treat yourself to that pair of earrings you’ve had your eye on. Turn off all your devices and check out for a few hours. I’ll toast your awesomeness from afar with a hefty glass of champagne!

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However you spend February 14th, I hope it’s a day in which you know that you are loved.
Here’s to making this the best V-Day ever!

P.S. – I want to see how you’re celebrating your best V-Day ever! Tag your posts with the hashtag #JADORNYOURLOVE!

All photos by Madison Short

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Blue Crystal Hair Vine + Earrings for Winter Wedding Inspiration

Today’s post is a sneak peek from a styled photo session!

Over the weekend I sent a few items from my new collection of couture bridal accessories to a wintry blue wedding editorial. The full collection isn’t quite ready to be revealed yet (soon, I promise!) So today I’m swooning over the way Alyssa from Ginger and Blooms styled my sparkly teardrop earrings and silver crystal hair vine.

Scroll down to see the inspiration board we used for the editorial, along with a few teaser photos from Mikaela Marie Photography!

Blue winter wedding style inspiration, blue wedding dress, boho bride, custom silver crystal hair vine by J'Adorn Designs

Blue wedding dresses are all the rage this season and it isn’t hard to see why! The dress we used for this photo session was designed by Mywony Bridal, a made-to-order line of wedding gowns. Can you imagine wearing bespoke designs for your wedding jewelry AND dress?!

Icy blue winter wedding inspiration, silver sparkly teardrop earrings and crystal hair vine by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry 1

You can almost feel that icy breeze floating through her hair, loosely swept up in a style by Jewel Hair Design. I love the way my crystal teardrop earrings are peeking out to sparkle in this picture!

Ice blue winter wedding invitations with sparkly silver earrings and crystal hair vine by J'Adorn Designs

The freeform calligraphy style in these custom invitations fits in perfectly with the theme’s elegant boho feel. I love how the light blue ring box echoes the ink color, along with light blue stamps and some sparkling jewelry evocative of icicles.

Icy blue winter wedding inspiration, silver crystal hair vine by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry 1

This might be my favorite photo from the set! Hair vines are one of the most versatile types of hair accessories because you can twist, bend, and weave them into whichever hair style you choose. You might also consider having a custom hair vine made with crystals to match your wedding colors!

Blue Opal Silver crystal hair vine by J'Adorn Designs custom bridal accessories
Many thanks to my talented co-contributors for this editorial! I can’t wait to share more photos as they become available. And stay tuned for the big reveal of my new couture jewelry collection!


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How to Order Custom Jewelry

(( It’s easier than you think! ))

How to order custom jewelry + Easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern jewelryPhoto by Madison Short

It’s no secret around here that I love to make custom jewelry and accessories. I view it as the ultimate win-win situation for the client (you!) and the designer (me!). The person ordering the custom jewelry gets to have a bespoke piece of handcrafted art to wear that is 100% suited to their desires. Meanwhile, I have the satisfaction of knowing that the jewelry piece(s) I made will be immediately cherished. There’s no better feeling for a creator!

If you’ve ever wondered about how to order custom jewelry and bridal hair accessories from J’Adorn Designs, this post is for you. I’m going to walk through each step of the custom jewelry design process, from inquiry to gift-wrapped delivery!

How to order custom jewelry + Easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern jewelryPhoto by Madison Short

Step 1: The Inquiry

The first step in the custom jewelry process is as simple as a quick “hello.” Typically you would send me an email via the website contact form to express your interest. Here are a few inquiry examples:

  • “I am getting married next July and want to give my bridesmaids a meaningful gift to thank them for all of their wedding planning help. Can you make custom jewelry for each of my attendants according to their style?” (Answer: YES!)
  • “My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this fall and I want to give her a special piece of jewelry that she can wear every day.  I’m not sure what I want to give her exactly, but she loves the color blue and turtles.  Can you help?” (Answer: YES!)
  • “I’ve been searching for the perfect hairpiece to wear with my wedding hairstyle. I haven’t found anything I like in the stores. Can you help me design a hair vine that will work?” (Answer: YES!)

We’ll exchange a few messages to establish a general concept and make sure we want to work together.  At this point you’ll pay an initial retainer to reserve time in my design schedule. This amount can be applied to the final balance of your custom jewelry.

View More: by Madison Short

Step 2: The Consultation

Next we start talking about specifics! I’ll schedule a meeting with you in person or via video chat, depending on your location & availability. You should bring any photos, color swatches, and ideas along if you have a specific or loosely conceived idea of what you want. If you’re not sure, we’ll have a conversation to figure it out together. I may draw some rough sketches during our meeting and will take copious notes.

How to order custom jewelry and easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern bridal accessoriesPhoto by Madison Short

Step 3: Sketches & Design Proposal

After our consultation, I’ll follow up by sending you a final sketch of the piece(s) I’m going to make and a formal proposal with price estimates.  With your approval, I will send you an invoice for your order. Payment in full is due at this time.

How to order custom jewelry and easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern bridal accessoriesPhoto by Madison Short

Step 4: Sit Back & Relax While I Work

At this point, we’ve finalized the design and you’ve paid for your custom jewelry to be made. I’ll get right to work creating the accessories you’ve commissioned. All you have to do now is wait!

How to order custom jewelry and easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern bridal accessoriesPhoto by Madison Short

Step 5: Delivery

This is the most exciting part of the custom jewelry design process! Your jewelry will be delivered personally or by post, depending on your location and our agreement. The custom accessories you ordered will be freshly wrapped in a keepsake muslin bag and gift box, then finished with a satin ribbon in the color of your choosing.

How to order custom jewelry and easy custom bridal accessories for your wedding by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler and modern bridal accessories

Step 6: Rock it

Whether you ordered custom jewelry for yourself or accessories for a loved one, all that’s left to do now is enjoy it!

How to order custom jewelry and easy custom bridal accessories by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler_0330Photo by Madison Short

That’s it! Ordering custom jewelry can really be that simple! Send me a quick message to begin if there’s a special piece or set of jewelry you’d like me to make. I can’t wait to get started on your custom jewelry!

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