The Best Grad Gifts of 2018

Tassels aren’t just for the cap & gown look anymore! 

Graduations mark an exciting milestone in a person’s life. They represent the closing of one chapter and the beginning of one that’s brand new!

And while high school graduations can bring up a lot of different emotions, ranging from excitement (newly minted adults!) to sadness (parents facing empty nests!), they deserve to be celebrated!

So, to make grad party season a little easier, we put together this list of our favorite graduation gift ideas for high school girls. 

best-grad-gifts-graduation-gift-ideas-2018-jadorn-designs-jewelry-papillon-photography-seniorsHonor the turn of tassels with a stylish gift

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:
Tassel jewelry is the “it” accessory of the summer!
As lightweight statement jewelry, tassel jewelry is both cute and comfortable. Girls everywhere are accessorizing with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets adorned by tassels! Our Tassel Collection offers a whole rainbow of graduation gift options following this trend.


For girls who like delicate or minimal jewelry, we recommend the Pink Crystal Spike & Pearl Tassel Necklace as a graduation gift.

Its pale pink and white hues pair well with a variety of outfits. And the semi-precious quartz spike and freshwater pearl make this necklace feel extra special to receive.

Long pink tassel necklace, high school graduation gift ideas, J'Adorn Designs jewelry made in BaltimoreSpeaking of semi-precious gemstones, we also love the Blue & Gold Druzy Teardrop Earrings as a graduation gift idea! 

Most high school students only own costume jewelry. So a gift of high quality handmade earrings is a thoughtful way to mark a girl’s transition to adulthood. The sparkly crystal layer on the druzy gemstones contrasts beautifully with the smoothly faceted amazonite teardrops. It’s a look that she can dress up or down!

graduation present for high school senior, druzy amazonite gemstone earrings by J'Adorn Designs jewelry made in Baltimore

best grad gifts graduation gift ideas 2018 jadorn designs jewelry papillon photography seniors

For girls who aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement, we recommend a brightly colored Tiered Tassel Necklace! 

The Jewelry Shop currently stocks this gemstone-accented necklace in two colors, pink and green. But if you’d like a different color for your grad, just send us a note and we can create a custom design for you!
Graduation present ideas 2018, grad gifts for seniors, hot pink tassel necklace, made in Baltimore by J'Adorn Designs

No matter what graduation gift you choose, the point is to make the graduate feel special. Recognize her accomplishments and give her a gift that will carry her confidently into her bright future!


Portraits by Papillon Photography

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for 2018

Comfortable and cute?

It’s like the holy grail of fashion for moms on the go (a.k.a. every mom I’ve ever met.)
And our tassel earrings happen to be both cute and comfy, making them the perfect Mother’s Day present for 2018!

Neutral grey tassel earrings by J'Adorn Designs designer jewelry

Women have been loving the new tassel earrings from our Tassel Collection.

These moms had a chance to take our tassel earrings for a spin. Here’s what they have to say!

Blue ombre tiered tassel earrings for mother's day gift by J'Adorn Designs designer jewelry

“These tassel earrings make me smile every time I wear them. They are so light weight and the color combination is perfect for summer!” – Vanessa M.

Mother's Day jewelry, green tassel earrings with gemstones, designer earrings made by J'Adorn Designs

“I love the pop of color that matches my wardrobe and they are so light weight!! So fun and they brighten my day!” – Crystal K.


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3 Summer Jewelry Care Tips

Make sure your favorite pieces keep shining long after sundown with this handy summer jewelry care guide.

Summer Jewelry Care Tips, How to Keep Jewelry Nice During Summer, How to Clean Jewelry by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler

Photo by Brooke Michelle Photography

Ah, summer… The days are longer, the nights are radder; the sun is brighter making the jewels even sparklier!
But while you accessorize your favorite warm weather outfits, keep in mind that summer’s extra heat and social calendar could pose a risk of damaging your favorite pieces of jewelry. (Cue horror movie shrieks!)

Take a deep breath; you don’t have to despair! Your favorite jewelry designer is here with a handy list of summer jewelry care tips to make sure your metals stay shiny and your stones continue to sparkle!

Summer jewelry care tips from custom jeweler J'Adorn Designs

Photo by Madison Short

The single most important part of summer jewelry care is remembering to take it off!

More specifically, be sure to take off your jewelry before any of the following activities to ensure its shine & color will last:
  • Before you SWEAT
  • Before you SWIM
  • Before you SUNSCREEN 

    Summer Jewelry Care Tips, How to Keep Jewelry Nice During Summer, How to Clean Jewelry by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelerPhoto by Olivia Reed Photography

    1. Before you SWIM

    When the ocean calls your name, all you want is to dive straight into the water. But stop for just one second to remove your precious jewels before making a beeline for the waves.

    This quick pause can prevent your favorite gold necklace from turning green.

    I don’t know about you, but a deeper tan is the only color change I want to bring home from a day at the beach! The same principle also applies for a day at the pool.Summer Jewelry Care Tips, How to Keep Jewelry Nice During Summer, How to Clean Jewelry by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler

    2. Before you SUNSCREEN

    Practical wisdom tell us to apply sunscreen generously at this time of the year to prevent damage & premature aging. But did you know that the lotion you wear to save your skin can do the opposite for your jewelry?

    Take off your jewels before applying sunscreen, and be sure to let it fully dry and soak in before putting them back on.

    Summer Jewelry Care Tips, How to Keep Jewelry Nice During Summer, How to Sweatproof Jewelry by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelerPhoto by Olivia Reed Photography

3. Before you SWEAT

The third “S” to keep in mind when you remember to remove your jewelry is SWEAT. 

Depending on where you live, a simple walk outside in the summer could result in a glistening brow or full waterworks. If perspiration reaches the places where your jewelry touches – your neck, hairline, hands, and wrists – it can quickly become a destructive force on the surface of your jewelry, particularly for plated metals.

So, consider how much you might sweat during your walk along the shore or bike ride to the farmer’s market and plan your outfit accordingly! 

Summer Jewelry Care Tips, How to Keep Jewelry Nice in Hot Weather, Tropical Jewelry Care, by J'Adorn Designs Custom JewelryPhoto by Brooke Michelle Photography

Sound a little too involved?

If you don’t want to bother with removing your jewelry every time you engage in your favorite summer activities, you can always reach for non-plated metals or colorful statement pieces made of fabric, plastic, or glass when you accessorize for the day. These materials stand up much stronger against the elements of summer. Plus, they could add some unexpected flourishes of color & texture to your look!

Want to read more of my jewelry care tips? Check out my post, “5 Ways to Ruin Your Jewelry,” and learn what else you can do to protect your jewelry!

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