An In-Depth Look at the Cushion Cut

Today I’m introducing a new series on the blog titled “Know Your Bling” with the aim of educating all you lovely readers in some of the terminology, style, and history of jewelry. I’m kicking off the new series by talking about a stone cut that has been making a huge comeback in recent years – the Cushion Cut.

cushion cut engagement ring in pink velvet boxOriginally popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the cushion cut fell out of vogue in the early 1900s to make way for more modern cuts. It saw a resurgence in popularity in the years following 2003 when Tiffany featured the antique style in its Legacy Collection, which showcased the company’s five iconic engagement rings. Some of the world’s most famous stones are cushion cuts, including the Hope Diamond and the Tiffany Yellow Diamond.
The original cushion cuts had 58 facets but the newer style features 64 facets, giving today’s stones a more luminous effect than their older counterparts. While the cushion cut is not as brilliant as some of the more modern styles of recent years, its classic look and strong legacy as a favorite style of past generations gives it a strong appeal among vintage-loving brides of today. Unfortunately, cushion cut stones can be difficult to find.

cushion cut halo engagement ring on turquoiseOne way that modern jewelers have found to meet the demand for the cushion-cut look despite the rarity of the gem style is to create settings for other gem cuts that mimic the look of cushion stones, such as in the ring pictured above. The stone itself is a round cut but the pave halo in a rounded square shape gives the effect of a vintage cushion cut.

cushion cut bridal earringsInspired by the style of this classic gem cut, I’ve created this pair of earrings for J’Adorn Designs featuring a faceted cushion-shaped Swarovski crystal connected to sterling silver earwires inlaid with cubic zirconia. The accent pearl drop is a Swarovski pearl and is available in white, ivory, or champagne.
cushion cut bridal earringsWhat do you think about the cushion cut? Is it a classic look you’d love to bring back, or would you prefer a more modern style? Let’s get a discussion rolling in the comments section!

(Engagement ring photos courtesy of Elizabeth Fogarty // Gem cut history via Gem Select. Read more here.)


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