Pretty Little Things: Stationery on Display

Last night I went out with a bunch of girlfriends to an event in a historic city nearby. Every third Thursday, Ellicott City hosts Girls’ Night Out, an event with free wine, discounted shopping, and other goodies. The event draws in flocks of women from the area, and it seems like our group gets bigger every time.

While there were so many beautiful things that caught my eye while browsing and sipping through the town, the stationery at Sweet Elizabeth Jane was my favorite find.

It’s not hard to tell why I love these little cards so much. Bright colors, clever (sometimes punny) words, vintage styling – it’s all right up my alley. I think I like the pink sheep card best because it strikes a chord with my animal-loving, quirky/bad-joke-telling, pretty-things-obsessed personality. Which one is your favorite?

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