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There are so many beautiful colors and themes in style for holiday wrapping & decor this year. It always impresses me how new looks seem to come out each year to wow & stun us when this season has already come around so many times. Part of the excitement for me when the holidays approach is waiting to see which color and texture palettes rise to the top.

This year, my absolute favorite holiday style has to be the luxe look. Beautiful metallics, high-gloss whites, and LOTS of glitter. It’s dramatic, but delicate and pretty. I love that it’s so festive but it doesn’t include any of the traditional reds or greens you usually see around this time of year.

I’ve been shopping my little heart out getting ready for the J’Adorn holiday party (it’s this Saturday already! Eep!) and I’ve found some really lovely pieces to adorn my living space. Some of the best pieces I’ve spotted lately have been over at BHLDN, and with Cyber Monday in full swing, I couldn’t resist picking up a few items to add to the party roster. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces from the BHLDN decor line:

¬†I love the details on each of these items and how they all evoke that handmade-with-care feel. I’d be proud to use the paper heart garlands, confetti or dramatic tassled balloons (which you already knew I love)!

So what did I order? Ok, ok, I’ll tell you. I got a few things, but this one is the most perfect item on the entire site:

Sweet little bunny place card holders!

Seriously, you guys. I think the designers had me specifically in mind when they made these bunny card holders. THEY ARE PERFECT. I’m probably going to be waiting for the UPS guy at my door until they arrive.

What are your favorite holiday decor items this year? What can’t you live without?

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    1. Wait, I’m a little embarassed now… What is the proper way to say it?
      Glad I’m not alone in my love for the little gold-footed bunnies! ūüôā

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