3 Easy Ways to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

Spring is finally here, and with it comes warmer weather and vacation season!

How to pack jewelry so it won't break while you travel, pro packing tips for jewelry and accessories, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry

One of the biggest challenges of packing for travel can be knowing how to safely pack your jewelry. We all know the frustration of untangling a necklace chain after it’s been jostled in a suitcase, and the heartbreak of losing an earring from your favorite pair.

We want you to confidently take your jewelry along on all of your adventures (and, tag us in your photos on Instagram with #jadornyourlove!)
With that in mind, we’re sharing 3 easy ways to pack your jewelry for travel, using items that you likely already have at home!

Tip #1: Use straws to keep necklace chains from tangling

This trick for packing a necklace tangle-free is inexpensive and customizable. And, since straws come in multi packs, you can pack several necklaces to have plenty of style options!

Here’s how to use straws to pack jewelry without tangling:
  • Use a standard sized straw for shorter necklaces (16-18 inches). 

For thin bracelets, we recommend using paper straws.
Here’s how it works:

First, use a pair of scissors to cut the straw to approximately half the length of the bracelet.
Next, gently slide the bracelet into the fitted paper straw with the clasp ends sticking out on either side.

Lastly, close the bracelet’s clasp so the straw can’t slide off. You’re done!

Tip #2: Use Glad Press ‘n Seal to Pack Flat

Use this common pantry item to safely pack your jewelry – even the most fragile pearls and druzies! 

Here’s a step by step guide showing how to use Glad Press ‘n Seal for packing your jewelry:

First, cut a length of the film and lay it out flat, sticky side up.

Next, lay out all of your jewelry on the sticky film, making sure to leave enough space between pieces to create a seal.
After the jewelry is in place, use your fingers to gently press each piece into place on the sticky surface.

Lastly, cut a second length of film to match the size of your bottom piece. Carefully place the second layer, sticky side down, onto the first piece and jewelry.

Gently press the top layer of Press ‘n Seal down to seal (get it?) the jewelry in place.
  • Start at the outer edges, smoothing the adhesive as you go
  • Work your way inward, pressing gently
  • Create a protective seal between each piece of jewelry and gently press the top layer around each item

Now you’re all ready to add your packed jewelry to your suitcase!
Bonus Pro Tip: We recommend sandwiching the sealed jewelry layer between scarves or soft pieces of clothing to keep it cushioned while you travel. 

Tip #3: Reuse the Your Jewelry’s Packaging

Did you know that at J’Adorn Designs we choose our packaging carefully so our customers can reuse it?

It’s true! Because we care about the planet and extending the life of your jewelry investment, we provide packaging for your accessories to keep them safe in storage!

Here are a few ideas of how you can reuse the packaging we provide for J’Adorn Designs jewelry:

If you’ve purchased a piece of Tassel Jewelry from us, you know that we send them in plastic tubes to keep the tassels from fraying. We want you to save these tubes to keep your tassels in top condition whenever you’re not wearing them!
So, when you travel with your tassel jewelry, just slide them into their tubes and place them in their original hard paper box. 

The final step is securing the lid in place.
(We like to use a hair band for this, since we’ll need them during the trip, too!)

Our finer jewelry comes with upgraded packaging that you can also reuse for safely traveling with jewelry. 

Simply place your jewelry in these heirloom quality boxes, like the pink bracelet box with microsuede lining pictured above.

We love to use our upgraded microsuede pouches for the safe keeping of earrings and delicate necklaces!

The fabric divider inside the pouch provides a separation for earrings so they won’t knock into each other and chip.
This is especially vital for druzy gemstone jewelry because the tiny crystals are so fragile.

This pouch also works great with a fine pendant necklace to keep its chain from scratching delicate gems and pearls.

Now that you have all of our best tips for safe jewelry packing, you’re ready to jet set with all your favorite jewels in tow! 

How to pack your jewelry safely for travel and storage, professional jewelry care tips by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler in Maryland

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