What to Wear for a Tropical Honeymoon

Honeymoon style guide, what to pack for honeymoon, tropical honeymoon packing tips by J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler

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With fall wedding season in full swing, many of you brides-to-be are nearing the end of wedding planning mode with your big day just around the corner. YAY! You’re likely moving on to plan for what comes next – the honeymoon!

To help simplify the process for you, I’ve partnered with my fashion blogger pal / resident newlywed Carolyn Zerbonia of Lipstick & Chiffon to bring you a three part honeymoon style series. We’ll tell you how to pack for a variety of climates before you jet-set with you newly minted spouse. First on our list of climates is my personal favorite: the tropics!

Honeymoon Packing Tips, Part 1:
The Tropical Honeymoon

Tropical Honeymoon Casual Beach Outfit Inspiration with jewelry by J'Adorn Designs Maryland jewelerWhen packing for your tropical honeymoon, Carolyn recommends packing versatile pieces that you can wear with different outfits to help lighten your luggage. This is especially useful for packing shoes, which are often the heaviest pieces in your tropical wardrobe. For instance, you can pair the same strappy heels with a couple of light, flowy dresses and your favorite gemstone statement jewelry.

Try to pack pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks; this will help save space in your suitcase.

Honeymoon outfit inspiration for tropical vacation by Lipstick & Chiffon, for J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry

An added bonus to packing light for your honeymoon? You’ll have more space to fit souvenirs on the flight home! 

Tropical honeymoon beach outfit inspiration by Lipstick & Chiffon for J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry blog

If you’re honeymooning in a tropical climate, chances are you’ll be hitting the beach.

A floral bikini with a lacy white cover-up is a stylish & romantic combination well-suited for a new bride.

Complete the look with pair of strappy, beaded sandals that can transition to night time. But be sure to leave your jewels in the hotel safe to protect them from damage in the sun & surf. (Remember your summer jewelry care rules here!)

Tropical honeymoon packing tips and outfit inspiration with jewelry from J'Adorn Designs custom jeweler

At night, dust off your sandals from the beach as you prepare for dinner.
Pair the shoes with a beautiful white maxi dress and a pair of brightly colored statement earrings.
You’ll be radiant as you look across the table at your new spouse, and comfortable enough to dance the night away!
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Everything You Need to Know About Druzy Jewelry

druzy jewelry, druzy necklace, blue necklace, something blue, bridal necklaceAre you in on the druzy trend? These sparkly gemstones, in all their shapes and sizes, have been taking the jewelry world by storm for the past two wedding seasons (at least!), and the design possibilities seem to be endless. Whether you’re a total newcomer to druzies or have already started a collection of your own, you’re bound to learn something new in this latest edition of the “Know Your Bling” series. (And if not, you’ll still get to feast your eyes on some really sweet eye candy!)

What is a druzy?
The word “druzy” (or “drusy” as our friends across the pond would say) comes from the geological term “druse,” which refers to the phenomenon that occurs when a fine layer of crystals grows on a gemstone, usually in a vein or other fractured surface. It’s the same effect you’d see in the geodes you may have purchased from the science store at the mall when you were younger.

Jenna Shriver Photography_Jadorn Designs_Fall 2015-24
Druzy in Jewelry 
In the jewelry world, druzies are a favorite for their ability to add a lot of sparkle to a design. If you look closely at a druzy, you will see countless little facets that catch the light from every direction. Because they come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, they also offer a lot of versatility for jewelry designs. Even the crystal facets come in different sizes, so you could choose a more rough looking stone for an edgier style, or one with finer facets to create a more delicate effect.

druzy, drusy, drusy earrings, druzy earrings, champagne earrings, sparkly earrings, bridal earrings, bridal jewelry, jewelry designer, couture earrings, bridal couture
How I use druzies
Because I aim for a happy mixture of wearability and glamour in my designs as a jeweler, I tend to let these stones be the stand-alone stars of the pieces I use them in. I’ve experimented with various methods to mount the stones, from a full wire wrap to a more minimal floating design. I’ve even added a chain tassel for a pair of custom bridesmaid’s earrings; but generally I don’t overcomplicate things when I use these lustrous stones.


Here’s a look at a few of my favorite druzy designs from the J’Adorn Designs collection. Tell me which one is your personal favorite in the comments, then click on over to the shop to claim it as your own!


druzy, druzy jewelry, drusy jewellery, pink druzy, purple druzy, blue druzy, green druzy, druzy earrings
Jenna Shriver Photography_Jadorn Designs_Fall 2015-23


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