Girls’ Night Out: Beading Class Edition!

Yesterday I made the journey up to the town where my parents live to spend the day with my Momma.

I always love going back to the house where I grew up. I get to do laundry for free, I get fed awesome food, and everything is familiar. Also, I get to see some of my favorite people… human and non-human!

My doggie Ringo (a.k.a. Wink-O, a.k.a. Captain Destructo, a.k.a. my faithful steed)


I had a special reason for this trip up north, though. My mom and I had a date to take a beading class together at one of my favorite shops – The Potomac Bead Company. This place is like a beader’s dream world. If they would let me set up a tent in the corner and live there for a week, I’d do it in a heartbeat. (Do you hear me Potomac Beads?? I’m just waiting for your OK!)


Ahh, the colors!

OK, getting back on track…

My mom gifted me with a Living Social coupon to a class of my choice at this wondrous place for us to do together, so I chose one where I could learn how to make a different type of jewelry that I’ve been wanting to offer in my shop  for quite some time: Wire rings!


We learned how to make a few different styles of rings at this workshop (although only one is pictured in the above photos). It was so much fun learning a new skill and spending some much needed quality time with my Momma. I hope we can do another class together sometime soon!

Me & my Momma, all smiles after a fun night of beading together (Yes, I know I look just like her!)

I’m still refining my technique, so I’m not ready to put any rings up in the shop just yet. I’m really excited to keep working at it and have some new designs to offer you all before too long. 🙂

Is there a new skill that you’ve learned recently that you’re proud of? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Xo, Ali


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