The Prism Collection, Part 2: New Jewelry Designs for Everyday

We’re back with the brightness…

Part 2 of The Prism Collection has arrived in our Jewelry Shop!

Say hello to our newest mini-collection of colorful, delicate jewelry designed to brighten up your summer days!

Flat lay photo of a rainbow colored jewelry set of earrings and necklaces from The Prism Collection. New delicate botanical jewelry designs by J'Adorn Designs artisan jeweler Alison Jefferies. Handcrafted jewelry and luxury bridal accessories made in Maryland.

A few weeks ago we dropped the first part of this collection that focused on bridal wear.  But this installment highlights brightness and color for EVERYDAY wear!

Gold or silver beaded hoops with gemstones in black, white, and grey from The Prism Collection. Lightweight hoop earrings adorned with black spinel, moonstone, and labradorite gemstones. Delicate everyday jewelry designs by J'Adorn Designs artisan jeweler Alison Jefferies. Handcrafted jewelry and luxury bridal accessories made in Maryland.

And when it comes to everyday jewelry right now, is there anything more essential than a hoop earring?

We made this delicate hoop earring style in both gold and silver to accommodate all of your wardrobe color choices. Then, we upped the ante by adding gemstone beads: tiny black spinel sparklers on both styles, and a white speckled moonstone or iridescent grey labradorite to complement the metals.


Flay lay photo of a silver and jewel toned jewelry set featuring a turquoise blue druzy in a silver bezel setting and a delicate link bracelet with Swarovski crystal beads. Delicate everyday jewelry designs from the Prism Collection by J'Adorn Designs artisan jeweler Alison Jefferies. Handcrafted jewelry and luxury bridal accessories made in Maryland.

Updates on the Classics

In addition to some dazzling new designs, Part 2 of the Prism Collection includes some updated versions to a couple of our perennial best sellers.

A new setting for druzy

Druzies have long been staples of the J’Adorn Designs jewelry family. Everywhere we go for a pop-up shop, our druzy drops are the must-try style that everyone loves!

Until now, our druzy jewelry has been nearly all wire-wrapped designs. But, as designer Ali has expanded her skillset as a metalsmith, she’s learned new ways to set these gorgeous sparklers. New ways like a bezel setting*, which you can see in our new Turquoise Druzy Necklace!

*A bezel setting is a type of stone setting that looks like a solid “cup” encasing a stone. 

Cute colorful jewelry set from The Prism Collection in pastel colors by J'Adorn Designs artisan jewelry. Jewelry set features a rainbow pastel pearl necklace with beryl gemstones and a pair of delicate silver vine earrings with aquamarine teardrops and coin pearls. Handcrafted jewelry and luxury bridal accessories made in Maryland.

Beautiful Jewelry For Your Everyday
(and the special days, too)

Jewelry is a form of self expression and of love.  It ties us to our past and brings us hope for the future. Who doesn’t have a fond memory of a grandma or great-aunt with a special piece of jewelry?  And, who hasn’t dreamed of passing down an heirloom piece to a beloved daughter, granddaughter or niece?  Jewelry connects us.  Like a PRISM, a single piece of jewelry contains so many layers of meaning, memory and emotion.

Delicate, high quality jewelry doesn’t have to be stuffy.  Prism is a celebration of shades and hues brought to life with the extra details true J’Adorn fans love year after year.  This is just a little taste of what we’re dropping now.

Jump to the online shop for MORE!


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Prism Mini Collection is LIVE

Bursting with Color

Last week, we teased a little bit about the mini bridal inspired collection dropping soon.  Well, today is the day!  Prism is live and ready to be shopped.  While there are a lot of wedding things you can’t do from home, our jewelry is ready to be shopped and shipped!

Designer Ali has been creating from home during this quarantine, and we’re excited to show you just what she’s been up to.  Welcome to the J’Adorn Family, Prism!  We’re so happy you’re here!

delicate bridal vine earrings in gold flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

Pretty Vine Earrings

The star of the Prism Mini Collection are our Pretty Vine Earrings.  Thoughtfully designed in a rainbow of color pallets and metal finishing, with a combination to fit most any wedding theme.  Handcrafted with glowing Swarovski pearl drops, freshwater accent pearls and sparkling, prismatic Swarovski crystals, these heirloom quality pieces will be treasured for years to come.

Above, they are pictured in:  Gold & Lavender // Gold & Peach // Gold & Merlot

Silver vine bridal earrings in custom bridal party colors, unique wedding party gift and delicate silver wedding jewelry, by J'Adorn Designs custom jewelry and bridal accessories

Something for Everyone

Inspiration for the Prism Mini Collection comes from the way light refracts within a prism, showing a rainbow of colors that are all contained in one singular ray of light.  And just like a prism, this is a capsule collection that has a little something for everyone.  Icy cool tones set in silver keep things crisp and bright.  And, like all our handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry, each Pretty Vine Earring is made with one continuous piece of wire so you’ll never lose a crystal or pearl!

Above, they are pictured in: Blue & Silver // White & Silver // Purple & Silver

Gold, blush, and ivory bridal jewelry set of gold vine earrings and pastel gold colored bracelet, handcrafted jewelry and wedding party gifts by J'Adorn Designs

Arm Charms

 This collection is designed with the flexibility for mixing and matching.  Whether you’re shopping for coordinating bridesmaids gifts, your own jewelry, rehearsal dinner look, or mother-of-the-bride pieces, the Prism collection brings you options.

Above, our Peach & Gold Pretty Vine Earrings pair effortlessly with our Delicate Link Bracelet in Rainbow.  Wear them as a set, or gift them separately to create a cohesive, but not overly matchy, wedding party look.

delicate bridal jewelry vine earrings and coordinating bracelet flat lay in gold jadorn designs custom jewelry

Beyond the Big Day

When you’re investing in beautiful wedding day jewelry, you want something that begs to be worn again and again.  Treat yourself, and your best girls, to something special.  Prism is a collection designed to transition seamlessly from Big Day to Every Day.  Our pieces are heirloom quality and made with fine jewelry elements, intended to be worn year after year.  And we know that whenever these pieces are worn again, they’ll carry the memories with them.

Above, the Pretty Vine Earrings in Gold & Lavender are paired with our Freshwater Pearl and Rainbow Beryl Bracelet.  Or, pair with any the Vine earrings wrapped in silver for a bright, effortless look.

Gold, pink, and burgundy bridal jewelry set of gold vine earrings and pink freshwater pearl bracelet with marsala wine accents, handcrafted jewelry and wedding party gifts by J'Adorn Designs

Colors for Days

Bright is beautiful.  However, we are loving these darker, richer tones, too.  Stunning for a fall or winter wedding.  Lovely and sophisticated enough for a mother or grandmother’s special gift.  Also, we think these dark elements add dimension when coordinated with the peach and lavender tones in the collection.

Above, our Pretty Vine Earrings in Gold and Merlot are paired with Pink Freshwater Pearl & Garnet Bracelet.

Whether you’re shopping for coordinated bridal party gifts, jewelry for the bride to match her attendants, mother-of-the bride jewelry, rehearsal dinner earrings, or a beautiful bracelet to dress up an outfit, we hope you will see your favorite colors represented in this jewelry collection.

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New Bridal Jewelry Sneak Peek

Mini Collection Dropping Soon

We’re trying our best to keep some semblance of normal during these times.  And normal for us means: NEW DESIGNS!  All this extra stay-at-home time has meant more time to create.  And, we’ve got weddings on the brain.

Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek at our intentionally designed bridal collection.  We’ve created a collection of a few of our most coveted styles in a variety of color combinations.  This way, you can coordinate your jewelry with your wedding colors.  Or, you can gift your bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride-or-groom with timeless pieces they’ll cherish that look cohesive without all being the same.

delicate bridal vine earrings in gold flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

Pretty Vine Earrings

Now, these are only SOME of the color combinations we’re dropping.  We also have some in silver as well!  What we love about these earrings, and what they all have in common, are a few key elements:

Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, one luminous teardrop Swarovski pearl.  We are seeing a big trend in the desire for pearl jewelry.  Honestly, pearls never go out of style.  But, there are times when they are more in demand than others.  And pairing them with crystals on a vine-shaped setting gives them the perfect modern update.

delicate bridal vine earrings in silver and blue flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

If you’ve been following J’Adorn Designs for any length of time, we’re sure you’ve recognized our signature wire-wrapped technique in these earrings.  Either sterling silver or 14k gold filled, each piece is hand crafted with one piece of continuous wire.  This ensures you’ll never lose a pearl or stone.  And you’ll never have a rogue wire scratching at your neck!

Using just one piece of wire also allows them to be super lightweight and all-day-wearable.  And the lever back closures mean you can dance the reception away without leaving an earring behind on the dance floor!

Now, lets talk about COLORS and intentional design!  We’ve designed this style in several color combinations that are high on the trend-list for 2020 weddings: wine & gold, French blue, and the eternally elegant white and off white neutral palettes.  Of course, these aren’t the only colors we’re working with… but this is only a sneak peek, after all!

Gold, blush, and ivory bridal jewelry set of gold vine earrings and pastel gold colored bracelet, handcrafted jewelry and wedding party gifts by J'Adorn Designs

When you’re planning a wedding, and thinking through gifts for bridesmaids and the other important women involved in the big day, variety is so important.  This mini collection is designed to give you OPTIONS that coordinate while still honoring everyone’s individual style.

Our bracelets, crafted with the same pearl and crystal elements, are a lovely compliment to the Pretty Vine Earrings.  They can be worn as a set.  Or, they can be gifted separately and still bring cohesion to your bridal party.

We’ll be releasing more designs are photos soon as we prepare to launch this collection!  But if you’ve fallen in love with anything you’ve seen here in this sneak peek, please contact us!



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J’Adorn Welcomes New Social Media Assistant

Welcome, Jeannette!

We are excited to announce that we’re growing our team here at J’Adorn Designs!  Jeannette will begin by masterminding our Pinterest marketing.  We’re planning on expanding her role into other aspects of our social media and online presence, like Facebook and Wedding Chicks.

(Wedding Chicks is where we share lots of wedding related inspiration)

Have you been following along with us on Instagram?  If so, you may remember we’ve been on the hunt for someone to help manage our social media marketing effort.  Well, Jeannette is the perfect addition.  Let us introduce her to you!

J'Adorn Designs jewelry studio welcomes new social media assistant Jeannette Holian to social media assistant role within custom jewelry and wedding accessories designer studio

For starters, tell us a little bit about yourself!

  • I always have a hard time with these interview-type questions. I think it’s hard because I’m the MOST basic. I love my starbucks, I love wine. I love true crime podcasts, like you could literally carve me out of a born-in-the-80s-raised-in-the-90s-white-girl-millenial bar of soap.  I’m THAT basic. BUT I don’t think that is BAD it’s just who I am.


  • Things I dislike:
    • Heels,
    • Making decisions (now not the HARD decisions but silly ones like what to get for dinner or what movies to see).
    • Game of Thrones (sorry, I don’t! I tried.)
    • When people try really hard to seem deep.
  • Things I like:
    • TRIVIA – I am SO good at trivia. I used to play EVERY week at a pizza place when we lived in GA!
    • Red Wine, Pizza, Tacos, Margaritas, Champagne & Baking
    • Disney movies
    • Rewatching The Office and Parks and Rec.
    • Mean Girls
    • Hamilton

J'Adorn Designs jewelry studio welcomes new social media assistant Jeannette Holian to social media assistant role within custom jewelry and wedding accessories designer studio

What are you most excited about in your new role with J’Adorn Designs?

I’m excited to have a creative outlet like this!  I used to love doing this stuff for my own business and had so much fun with the creative part but didn’t like the other aspects of running my own business so this allows me to do the fun stuff that also includes strategy and is always evolving – the social media!

Also, on a personal note I’ve drooled over J’Adorn Designs for a while.  And now I feel I can justify buying some because I’m supporting my employer!  I’m so bad about buying nice things for myself!  I have to justify it with a need.

J'Adorn Designs jewelry studio welcomes new social media assistant Jeannette Holian to social media assistant role within custom jewelry and wedding accessories designer studio

What has your career path looked like prior to joining #TeamJAdorn?

I’ve done a little bit of a lot of things! At Roanoke College, I majored in English.  

(sidenote: Jeannette and Betsy went to Roanoke College together, both majoring in English. The girls were one year apart and shared a few classes together and lots of great memories. Check out the photo below!) 

After college, I went directly to grad school where I received my Masters in Education in Higher Ed. I worked in Higher Ed for about 4 years professionally then worked in Title IX, or gender discrimination in education.  Due to funding and the needs of the college they added a new elevated role and cut mine.

I then ran my own online business with fitness/health coaching for a few years. During this time, I learned a lot about online marketing and social media. I found joy in the creativity of creating posts and ran my own podcast for a while, but running your own business is H A R D and just not for me.

I started doing some contract work like teaching English online and doing some social media and marketing for a Realtor.  I then worked in HR for a few months at a SaaS company, and found that I really love working in the software industry!  I now work as a Client Success Specialist and this is my main field but I also love social media and marketing!  I miss having my online blogs and podcasts and this fills that creative gap for me!

Betsy and Jeannette in college

What is your most cherished piece of jewelry and why?

Aside from my wedding ring, when my husband and I started trying to have a baby, I had three miscarriages before getting pregnant with my son. During that time, my MIL bought me a stamped angel wing pendant for each loss. During my baby shower for my son, Jensen, she gave me a stamped J pendant. It was such a beautiful full circle moment.  The losses were so hard for me and it was finally real that my son would finally be joining us in a few months.  I wear it every day because it reminds me not just of him, but that life works out, that the hardest parts of our lives can become the most beautiful.

If you were a piece of jewelry, what would be be and why?

Earrings!  They really bring a whole look together.  Whether it’s a stud, or a hoop, or a tassel, they can enhance the best features on your face.  I like to think of myself as a team player who supports others well with recognition and allowing others to take the lead.  But sometimes, I like being the spotlight piece and I feel like earrings are great that way, too!  They can be a statement, or the perfect compliment, or just your every day reliable – that’s me; I have range.

J'Adorn Designs jewelry studio welcomes new social media assistant Jeannette Holian to social media assistant role within custom jewelry and wedding accessories designer studio

What is your favorite gemstone?

Green sapphire.  It’s the main stone in my engagement ring.  It’s so unique and gorgeous!

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say it’s a combination of athleisure and classic comfort. I love jeans and a classic tee.  But I love to add a statement piece like a jacket, a necklace, a boot, or bold lip to change it up.  To be honest,  I spend most of my time in yoga pants and cute tennis shoes.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

It definitely depends! If I have a busy day at work or a big project coming up, those are my favorite days to get going because I love feeling like I’ve made a big contribution and worked really hard to get there. I also am really motivated to get up just knowing I’ll do my best that day whether it’s in a workout or staying in jammies with my son.  I live for little moments and big accomplishments!

Jeannette with a delicious looking sprinkle covered ice cream cone

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See Us at Merry Mart This Weekend!

We’re popping up at Merry Mart in Baltimore this Sunday

And, just in time, too!  With only three shopping weekends left until Christmas, there is no time to waste.  Come out and see us, support local makers AND crush that holiday gift list of yours!

merry mart event graphic

Merry Mart takes place at the Creative Alliance

It’s our first time showing here and we’re so excited to join the talented makers & artists from our home city of Baltimore.  And, since this a juried event, you’ll only be seeing the very best of what our area has to offer.

harmony collection flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

Of course, we’ll have our new Harmony Collection with us!  Come and try on those pieces you’ve been eyeing up and see for yourself how INCREDIBLY lightweight and comfortable they are to wear.

You can find all of the event details HERE, but the most important things to know are:

  • DATE: Sunday, December 8
  • TIME: 11am-5pm
  • PLACE: The Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore MD 21224

harmony collection flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

For a full list of on-site vendors and makers, check out the Merry Mart Event Page. They’re certainly going to have something for everyone on your list… and probably a few somethings for yourself, too!

Shop a diverse mix of handmade items by artisans from Baltimore and beyond this Holiday Season! Merry Mart is an annual juried holiday craft market that showcases high-quality handmade arts and crafts including; clothing, handbags, accessories, ceramics, soaps, kids’ toys, mixed media, jewelry and great art!

harmony collection flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

And, we’ve got some big news for any of you long-time J’Adorn fans:

Our Tassel Collection is retiring

Goodbyes are hard, we know.  So come out for one last chance to shop our great-for-gifting tassel jewelry.  Those pieces are all under $100.  They make the perfect fun, colorful and smile-inducing stocking stuffer.  And once we step forward into 2020, they’ll be gone gone gone.

flat lay winter tassel earrings custom jewelry jadorn designs

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