Statement Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Sensitive ears don’t have to limit your bridal jewelry options. Here are my top 3 tips for choosing statement earrings for sensitive ears! 

If you’re planning your wedding and have been looking for the perfect pair of statement earrings to match the dress of your dreams but have the “blessing” of sensitive skin (or, as I like to call it, “biological good taste“), chances are you’ve been frustrated by the selection of cheaply plated earrings at the bridal salons.

But having sensitive skin doesn’t have to limit your options!  Your ears can sparkle as brightly as you want with a simple quality upgrade. 

Rose Gold Teardrop statement earrings for sensitive ears by J'Adorn Designs bridal accessories

This post will guide you through 3 important features to look for when selecting statement earrings for sensitive ears. Additionally, you can click any of the photos in this post to shop my favorite picks from the J’Adorn Designs collection that fit the bill!

Gold and blush leaves statement earrings for sensitive ears by J'Adorn Designs bridal accessories

Cluster style sparkly statement earrings for sensitive ears by J'Adorn Designs bridal accessories
1. Choose earrings with sterling silver or real gold posts if you’re sensitive to metal quality and weight.
  • A sturdy post with a secure backing will make sure your earrings stay put with minimal “swing” during the day.
  • I always recommend a higher-quality precious metal for any pair of statement earrings for sensitive ears. Even if the earrings are not heavy, materials like sterling silver and real gold are gentler on the skin than base metals. Most of the earrings in my shop already feature sterling silver or gold filled components, but you can always ask for an upgrade too!
  • If your earrings are heavy, high quality metals will help your sensitive skin be a little more forgiving of the weight and motion that might occur.

Silver Teardrop Bridal Statement Earrings for Sensitive Ears

2. For dangle earrings, choose lever-backs over open hooks.
  • Lever-back earrings, or hook earrings that close completely in the back, are a style that I always recommend for brides. This is because a closed earring is much less likely to fall out than one that is open! In my experience, they are also less likely to slide around inside your pierced earring hole, which makes for an extra level of comfort when wearing earrings all day.
  • Once again, quality metals are key! Look for lever-backs that are sterling silver or at least gold-filled in quality. For a refresher course on metal quality & terminology, check out this previous blog post.

Gold vine boho statement earrings for sensitive ears by J'Adorn Designs bridal accessories

3. Choose earrings that are as lightweight as possible.
  • It is possible to wear a pair of large-sized statement earrings for sensitive ears without lots of weight. (Just think about the feather earrings that were popular a few years ago!)
  • Wire-wrapped styles are often lighter weight than solid metal frames with pronged stone settings.
  • Alternative materials like lace, feathers, and even colorful acrylic are all creative options for adding a unique “pop” to your statement earrings without weighing down your earlobes.

Customized statement earrings for sensitive ears, by J'Adorn Designs bridal couture

If all else fails, you can always go custom!

If you’d simply like to save yourself the headache of testing every piece of jewelry against this list of criteria, you can always commission your own bespoke pair of statement earrings for sensitive ears! J’Adorn Bride Jill went this route and was thrilled with the results.

Whatever you choose, be sure to remember that it is possible to have the look and feel you want when it comes to your bridal jewelry!

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