Mother’s Day Jewelry Wishlist: Vol. 2

Betsy’s Picks

Since spring of 2018, Betsy has been the voice behind the blog and our email campaigns.  She is also mama to an *almost* five year old daughter, Colette.  She has hand selected the TOP FIVE J’Adorn pieces she’d like to receive this Mother’s Day.

Betsy’s style is clean, simple, and focuses on quality classic pieces with a few interesting details.  She is typically drawn to wearing neutral or solid colors and adding interest to her look through a statement necklace, bold lip color or a great bag (her Kate Spade kitty clutch is a frequent go-to).  

Today on the Blog, we’re counting down Betsy’s top Mother’s Day picks.

(If you missed Volume 1 with Jeannette’s Mother’s Day picks, check that out here)


Pick #5: White Druzy Earrings in Gold

Mother's Day gifts: White druzy quartz sparkly earrings in gold, neutral everyday earrings by J'Adorn Designs

Betsy says…

“I have been wearing the J’Adorn champagne and gold druzy earrings for over five years now and they have changed my life.  Like, seriously.  SUCH a wardrobe staple, I don’t know what I did without them.  I would love to have these white druzies for another color option!  White is such a clean look and can be worn in any season and dressed up or down.  I love how sparkly they are.  They make a statement without weighing my ears down.”


Pick #4: Crystal Quartz Bar Necklace

Mother's Day gifts: Modern neutral necklace from Betsy's Mother's Day gift wishlist: Crystal quartz bar necklace featuring four geometric crystal quartz beads on a delicate gold chain

Betsy says…

“I’ve been around J’Adorn for a quite a while now, and I own several pieces.  But, when we’re one the road for pop up shows, my eye is always drawn to this Crystal Bar Necklace.  It’s clean and simple, but big enough to make a statement.  A perfect balance between minimal and WOW.  And, as a Montessori Guide for 2 and 3 year olds, I love that this necklace is bold without being long.  Don’t get me wrong, I love long necklaces!  But, they’re not always the most practical for an early childhood classroom.”


Pick #3: Crystal Spike Bracelet

Mother's Day gifts: Alternative bridal bracelet with rough crystal spike and delicate gold chain, handcrafted bridal jewelry by J'Adorn Designs

Betsy says…

The raw beauty of the crystal spike has always drawn me to this piece.  I used to wear bracelets ALL THE TIME.  And, usually quite a few at once.  But, when I had my daughter, I stopped wearing anything on my wrists because I didn’t want to scratch her sweet baby skin while I was holding her or nursing her.  And, I think I just got out of the habit of wearing bracelets.  Now that Colette is older (and scratches her own skin up by climbing over log piles and whipping around on her scooter like a daredevil), I’m ready to bring some arm candy back into my life.  At this point, a lot of my bracelets are a bit out of style.  I love the geometric vibe of this Crystal Spike Bracelet and the way the delicate filigree and crystal accent pieces soften and add interest to the look.”


Pick #2: Gold Hoop Earrings with Freshwater Pearls

Mother's Day gifts: Gold hoop earrings with freshwater coin pearl drops. from Betsy's Mothers Day wishlist by J'Adorn Designs handcrafted jewelry

Betsy says…

These earrings are a little different than what I usually wear.  But, I think it’s important to push your style-boundaries every once in a while.  While the silhouette might be different, the vibe is right up my alley.  I love the thin gold hoop (minimal) and the pop from the coin pearl drop (statement detail).  These would be a really versatile piece I could wear comfortably in the classroom with a casual outfit, but then dress them up for date night or a Saturday at the winery.”


Pick #1: Rough Crystal Spikes Hair Comb

Mother's Day gifts: Raw crystal hair comb, handcrafted jewelry by Maryland jewelry artisan J'Adorn Designs featured at Baltimore Museum of Art

Betsy says…

HAIR ADORNMENTS: they’re NOT just for brides!  Over my years with J’Adorn, we have seen countless hair adornments find their forever homes with women who are not planning a wedding.  They are beautiful, heirloom quality, and a real treasure.  If you want to talk about elevating a look, THIS is how you do it.  I have drooled over Ali’s hair pieces for what feels like forever.  Pop one of these in for a special night out, for a family photoshoot, for a girls night or to give you a boost of power and confidence at a big-deal work meeting.  All of the J’Adorn hair pieces are stunning, but I’m really crushing on raw crystal right now.”


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and with Moms working harder than ever this year, we want all of them to get that just-perfect gift!  Hop over to our website and explore our Wishlist feature.  Build your dream jewelry wardrobe, and send it along to whoever will be buying for you this year!


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