What is Crystal Jewelry?

Crystal Crash-Course!

We use the word crystal a lot around here to describe our jewelry designs.  But, we know that word gets used widely and we want to give YOU a crash-course in crystal-ology as part of our Know Your Bling series!
Welcome to Crystals: 101

crystal jewelry styling with jadorn designs custom jewelry

Each piece of J’Adorn Jewelry in the photo above (and, every photo in this post, really) features at least ONE type of crystal.  There are multiple elements that the word includes.  

So, let’s break them down!

crystal spike necklace earrings by jadorn designs custom jewelry

First up: Crystal Quartz

Quartz is a type of gemstone.  Crystal (or more specifically, “rock crystal”) is the colorless variation of this stone.  In our designs, we often call the pointed rough quartz stones on our necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and headpieces “crystal quartz spikes.” 

The spikes take center stage in our stunning Rough Crystal Spike Haircomb.

crystal earrings; druzies, rose quartz, crystal spikes dangle earrings by jadorn designs custom jewelry

Second:  Druzy Crystals

The name “druzy” refers to the effect when minerals crystallize and form a sparkling, sugar-like layer on a stone.  Most often, that stone is quartz.  It’s the same phenomenon you see inside the cavity of a geode.  Our druzies are cut to highlight the sparkles, with the entire top surface covered in these crystals.

In this series of photos, we’re highlighting white, champagne and black druzy elements.  However, we have a rainbow of druzy colors available in the Jewelry Shop!

crystal jewelry examples, crystal spike necklaces, druzy pendant necklace, swarovski crystal vine earrings by jadorn designs custom jewelry

Finally: Swarovski Crystals

These are actually man-made gems manufactured in Austria. They were first created in 1892 when a man named David Swarovski invented a machine for making precision-cut, beautiful, high quality lead glass crystals using quartz, sand, and minerals.  The exact proportions of these raw materials is a company secret, and they use this specialized manufacturing process to produce brilliant crystals. 

Here at J’Adorn, we sprinkle Swarovski Crystals into our designs as often as we can.  They are eye-catchingly luminescent and come in just about every color imaginable. (And girl, you know we love color around here!)

We love the shimmer they bring to each piece, especially these delicate bracelets.

swarovski pearl and crystal branch earring flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

We know it’s nearly impossible to choose, BUT do you have a favorite type?  Or, a favorite way they are featured in our jewelry?

(one possible answer is: when they are combined in the same piece!)

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  We want to make more of what YOU love most.

crystal jewelry flat lay jadorn designs custom jewelry

Photos by Katherine Elizabeth Photography
Information sources: Here and Here 

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